Money, Authority, and Change

January 10, 2013

The titles of the three e-books I’m working on. Money is already out and the other two will release in the next few months. Update: in 2014 I published the revised and expanded edition of Money: God or Gift.

When I transitioned from my previous professional role, that I held for over 12 years, I set out to write a longer, more traditional book on leadership. Then I thought: why am I writing a longer book? I hate reading long books, and many of the books on my bookshelf are only marked-up and highlighted through Chapter 4.

I decided to apply this realization to my writing; why not write the way I like to read? Who cares if no one else reads it, at least I will. For those who know me well, I’m not interested in a lot of fluff. In fact, writing can be lot of work for me, but it’s a discipline that forces me to think through my thoughts and convictions.

Both Seth Godin and Michael Hyatt have been super inspiring to me as I’ve formulated this blog. They write very differently but I resonate with both of their styles (watch Michael interview Seth here). Seth has shorter posts that tend to tell a story around one big idea, sort of like a business devotional, and Michael tends to flesh out a topic a bit more thoroughly. You’ll probably notice in this blog that I’ll use both styles, some posts shorter and some posts longer, depending on the mood I’m in.

Back to the shorter books I’m writing: what I found fascinating was Michael Hyatt’s claim that books should not be priced based on their length, but instead based on their value. So these books are my effort to give you something, short, pretty inexpensive, and very valuable.


money_book_cover_imageMoney: God or Gift originated as a short curriculum on money management, which quickly grew in just a few months into a book. We (myself and Re:Lit) have had the privilege of distributing over 20,000 copies.

I wrote this book not as the expert, but as a man seeking to always be learning and manage well the resources I’ve been entrusted with. The amount of money you have is not the point; what you do with it is.

I was humbled when Pastor Matt Chandler, in one of his sermons, called it “The best book on money. Period.”

Here is how to get the book:

Kindle Version – $2.99 on Amazon (you can download the Kindle Reader application and read it on a non-Kindle device).

Also, I’d be super grateful if you would write a review of this book on Amazon.




Authority: The Leader’s Call to Serve is the product of my own experience with leadership and responsibility. At some point in our lives, we all have some level of responsibility and leadership. This book is an up-front and practical discussion of what leadership looks like and how authority is used positively and negatively in today’s world. It talks about what types of authority exist, how we gain authority, how we respond to authority, and how we can use authority faithfully.

It is set to release later this month.



Change is an answer to the question: what does it look like to go through transition and growth well? Life is full of change; in fact, many people have remarked that it seems like the only thing constant is change. Whether we are in positions of leadership, or simply members of a family, we experience plenty of change, and it can be disorienting and even frightening. My hope with this book is that you will come away with a better understanding of growth and change, and some practical ideas for how to keep steady footing on life’s shifting sands. 

It is set to release this Spring.


I hope and trust my writing will help challenge, encourage and maximize your life, leadership and legacy.


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