Of Course I Don’t Own a Mini-Van…

January 19, 2013

My wife Crystal and I walked out of the grocery store the other night. After looking at our car, I remarked: “It doesn’t really even look like a mini-van”.

Why do I deny it?

Why are we afraid to embrace the truth? Sometimes because the truth is simply embarrassing. Sometimes it could be shameful or painful… like owning a mini-van.

But denial keeps us from being authentic. We develop a skin, a guise, a façade—we adopt a lie. And we work hard to convince others and even ourselves. Instead of growing and learning from our failures, weaknesses, and mistakes, we turn a blind eye.

How does denial keep you from being real? How does denial keep you from solving the right problems? What are you wasting precious energy on trying to defend the reality?

Let go and be honest.

Your time would be much better spent on discovering the solution to a problem rather than continually trying to deny it.


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