What you should expect with my next book

January 31, 2013

To the point: encouraging and actionable. That’s what I’m after with my writing, and I’m hopeful that my next e-book will be just that. 

On February 12, I’m releasing Authority: The Leader’s Call to Serve. I’m really excited about this book because I believe it deals with some leadership subjects I haven’t seen many other places.


The big idea is how you and I respond to and handle authority. This book was written with the aim to help you understand and steward faithfully the life you’ve been given. It is a mix of solid principles and practical application. Whether you’re the boss or you have a boss, this book is for you. 

Here are the details:

Length: 45+ pages in print

Cost: $2.99 on Amazon

Release Date: February 12


What’s it about?

All of us will have some measure of authority at some point in our lives. We might call it responsibility or leadership, but we often mean the same thing. 

And with this authority, we frequently have to make difficult choices and navigate complex relationships. Authority: The Leader’s Call to Serve is about these choices and what it means to reflect the incredible relationship of authority and submission found in the Trinity.

It is also a book about what it means to be under authority. All of us are under authority in some way. At different points in our lives, this includes our parents, our bosses, our pastors, our government, and Jesus. How you respond to authority changes everything for your life and leadership.

How will it benefit you and your leadership team?

 In a few ways:

  1. It is practical. The book is full of real-life applications for a right understanding of authority, including a section on the various types of authority, and how to maneuver the complex interactions that arise from those different types.
  2. It is Jesus-centered. He is our example for how we interact with authority, and he inspires us to be humble, both when we have authority and when we don’t.
  3. It is based on real life. Many of us have authority in one arena, and not in others. It can be difficult to know when to exercise authority and when to submit.
  4. It gets to the point. You won’t find a lot of fluff, so it should serve as a good leadership manual you can read with your team.  

Want to help spread the word?

Review the book on your blog in exchange for a free PDF copy in advance. Email me if you’re interested.

I’m going to be using the #AuthorityBook tag to promote it – join me on Twitter with your own thoughts and observations about authority, from the book or from your own life. 

Thank you in advance for your support. I trust this book will challenge and encourage you in your life and leadership.


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