The One Thing You Should Do Every Day

February 14, 2013

I have a designer friend whose iPhone has a sticker on the back of it. It’s a simple sticker with a simple message.

It says, “Design Every Day.”

When I first saw this I was blown away. The message was so concise, so crisp and so compelling.

At first glance, you might respond, “Well, yeah, he’s a designer. Of course he designs every day. What do you expect from the guy?” That’s just it. Without a reminder would he truly design every day? Or could he lose sight of the priorities and get preoccupied with the mundane details of the to-do list and admin work?


See, what got me about the message was that it was a simple, inspiring, and constant reminder he gave himself of what matters most.

His passion is design.

That’s what got him in the field in the first place. His passion has led to his success: by being a great designer he was able to grow in his industry and enjoy his work at the same time. Unfortunately, with success come the realities of business. Project administration, email, and all the other daily routines will pull him away from actually designing.

When we turn to the core of our inspiration every day, we’ll find the drive to succeed in our careers. In turn, that drive can even enhance the administrative aspect of our work. Maintaining vision is crucial to staying motivated.

That got me thinking. We should all have a sticker like his. It should be stuck somewhere prominent, where it will infiltrate our day and remind us of what got us here in the first place:

“_______ Every Day.”

Fill in the blank with your passion.

Will it say “Write Every Day,” or “Lead Every Day,” or “Build Every Day” or “Learn Every Day”? Consider the important things you need to focus on that too often get swallowed up by urgent matters of the day.

Bring those important things back to the foreground, and ensure that you can give them your time. Every day.

What should your sticker say? Are you doing it?


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