Life, Death, and the Power of a Leader’s Words

March 5, 2013

Consider these words:

A king’s wrath is a messenger of death,
and a wise man will appease it.
In the light of a king’s face there is life,
and his favor is like the clouds that bring spring rain.

A leader’s words hold much power.

Power to bring life or death to those under their oversight.

That sounds dramatic, but think about the times you have felt torn down or built up by words. I have felt encouraged and discouraged, healed and hurt by even the smallest phrase.

Right or wrong, good or bad, for better and for worse, the words of those in charge have influence. A leader can speak what is necessary to get the job done, to mentor employees, to bring correction, to breathe passionate vision into the organization, or to protect the mission. Timing and tone are everything.

As a leader, you must understand the weight of your words, the implications of assignments, and the power of your personal role. Because, whether or not you’re aware of it, your words will have an impact.

Will your words bring death? Or will they produce life?