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March 10, 2013

For a brief time, you can head over to Amazon and get a free copy of my newest E-book, Authority: The Leader’s Call to Serve

A concise, actionable handbook on biblical leadership

Approximately 40 pages in print, you will be able to read this book in one sitting—that was my goal. I want you to come away with a clearer understanding of where authority and leadership come from, and how you can steward your responsibility for the glory of God.

Not only have I not found another book on biblical leadership as concise, many of the topics in Authority are not commonly addressed in Christian circles.

Why I wrote the book

  • Leadership is lonely. I know from experience and I know from talking with hundreds of leaders over the years. The pressure of being in charge is different, it can be hard to describe and therefore you often don’t. Some of the decisions you have to make are scary and they often impact people that are very close to you. 
  • Leadership is a team sport. We might think we can do it alone but we can’t. We need cohorts, friends, people in the trenches with us. There is no self-sufficient leader that can do everything themselves. We need a team around us, but that team will not function well if the members don’t understand authority. 

How is leadership so lonely if we’re surrounded by so many people?

This question often plagues me, and was a big motivation for writing the book Authority. In the book I argue that the Triune God (Father, Son and Spirit) should be our perfect model for a shared leadership team. They’re individuals but they’re not lonely. They’re a team but they’re different. They function together perfectly unified yet diverse in their roles. They complement each other perfectly yet have the same purpose and mission.

Authority is a practical and theological look at how both those in and under authority can learn from God to faithfully steward their responsibility. I’m excited to be able to offer this book completely free for the next five days.

Help me help others!

Take a minute to promote this tool that will empower leaders to work together for God’s glory and the good of the people they serve. Here are some ways you can help:

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3. Most importantly, go get yourself a free copy. (If you do not have a Kindle that’s ok, you can download the free Kindle app here: for Mac or PC).

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