Last Day to Get Authority Free

March 14, 2013

Last day friends! If you haven’t gotten a copy of my latest book Authorityhead over to Amazon and grab your free copy.

You do not need a Kindle to read the book! You can download the free Kindle viewer app for Mac or PC, or download it on your mobile device.

Your help has been a blessing

The power-tweeting and posting is almost over! Seriously, I know I’ve been talking about this book a lot over the last month but that’s what I do when I’m excited about something. Your encouraging feedback has been a blessing as well.

I want to help people grow in their leadership and steward their responsibility well. People are messy, and we often make our lives and leadership harder than it needs to be. A good understanding of how a leadership team should function, coupled with a good understanding of the relational dynamics amongst a leadership team, is vital to our health and the health of our organizations.

The more you understand these authority dynamics, the more you can apply wise, helpful and practical solutions to help yourself and your team. I’m convinced there is a unique and perfect model with God himself that, if we can learn to emulate it (even imperfectly), it will dramatically change how we lead and serve. If we change, then those we serve will change – and that’s a good thing.

Last day to spread the word

Self-publishing is a lot of work and without your help, I couldn’t do it. So far, you’ve helped me get this book into the hands of almost 4,000 people… for free. Thank you for helping make that happen!

If you’re still wanting to help, here are a few things you can do today that would mean a lot to me:

  • Download the book if you haven’t already
  • If you have read the book, please write a review on Amazon
  • Email this note to any friends you think could benefit from the book
  • Share this post – Last Day to get Authority: The Leaders Call to Serve for FREE on Amazon.

Of course I want everyone to read the book and benefit. However, even if only a few people do it will have been worth the time and effort of writing it… but why not dream big!


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