Read a Kindle Book Without A Kindle in 4 Steps

June 20, 2013

My wife Crystal recently got me a Kindle for my birthday. I love it. The effectiveness of having so many book options at my fingertips, all stored in one place, and the ability to highlight and export quotes is a huge time saver. Reading is one of the most important things we do in life and I’m a huge fan of any tool that helps me read more effectively.

As an author, one of the most common responses to an invitation to read one of my Kindle books is, “I don’t own a Kindle.” Because I know how helpful books can be, particularly when they are as accessible as Kindle books, I wanted to give you 4 simple steps to reading Kindle books if you don’t own a Kindle. It’s now easier than ever.

You Don’t Need a Kindle to Read a Kindle Book

Amazon is way ahead of the game on this one. They offer Kindle Reading Applications for every major operating system.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the app you want to use. You can get one for each device you use, and your Kindle books will be stored in a way that allows you to access them from any of the Kindle Reading Apps.
  2. Go to Amazon and sign into your Amazon account. (This will ensure your Kindle Books are purchased for your Kindle library).
  3. Buy a Kindle Book. You shouldn’t have to pay a lot of money for one – there are plenty that are less than $10. Some are even free.
  4. Your Kindle Book will be automatically stored in your Kindle library. You can view your Kindle library by logging into Amazon, and clicking on “Manage Your Kindle” in the Your Account dropdown menu.

If you would like to use Kindle Reading Apps to view and store other files, here is a simple tutorial on how to send other files (including PDFs, mp3s, and more) to your Kindle library.

For assistance using these programs, visit the Kindle Reading Apps Help page.

There are other programs that can read Kindle book files, such as Calibre. Calibre is free, like the Kindle Reading Apps. But it is also a very intuitive, simple, and useful tool if you enjoy e-books of all kinds: you can store, manage, view, and edit .mobi (Kindle), .ePub (most e-books), .pdf, and other digital book formats with a great deal of ease.

Both of my books are on Kindle, so you’re of course welcome to test out the Kindle Reading Apps (or Calibre) by purchasing either Money or Authority for $2.99.

What an opportunity we have today to have so much great content at our fingertips, I hope you take advantage of it. 


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