There Is An Epidemic Of Lost Leaders

June 10, 2014

There is an epidemic of lost leaders. So many people feel stuck, unsure of the next step. Unsatisfied in their current role, unsure about how their work connects to what they really want to be doing with their life; unable to effect change, not sure where to take their company next or how to navigate a significant setback. Now, these lost leaders may not seem lost as we’re good at the old adage “fake it till we make it.” But really, we’re often just going through the motions, not fully committed, and not using our talents to their fullest potential. It’s easy to get used to this life and take an attitude of just dealing with it. The problem is, this hurts you and your company.

The powerful antidote to cure our aimless efforts, is so simple we often overlook it; a clear, unified and prioritized team. In my career, I’ve been both lost, stuck, and looking for direction, as well as participating on a team with a shared mission to get the RIGHT things done together. Sometimes both in the same place. Because I’ve experienced the difference, it’s my personal mission to help fight this epidemic. Specifically, to give leaders and their teams a breath of fresh air with resources, tools and a process to pursue health; a compass for creating meaningful work together.

How do you know if you’re lost?

Over the next few months I’ll be diving into each of these subjects more fully but here is a quick set of diagnostics to assess whether or not you’re lost.

You’re lost if where you’re leading is in conflict with what you believe. If your deepest held convictions are not in concert with where your or your company are headed then you’re on an unsustainable track.

You’re lost if you can’t answer the question of why your company exists. Going through the motions will only get you so far, true longevity is built by understanding the why behind what you’re doing.

You’re lost if you are suffering from a clarity crisis. Meaning, you don’t have a clear vision of the future and what’s next for the company or how you personally fit into the vision.

You’re lost if your leadership team is operating off of different agendas. The CFO is headed one way while the marketing team another because they don’t have shared priorities.

You’re lost if confusion is costing your company forward progress. When confusion reigns within a company’s strategy, real time and money are wasted rendering you not as effective as you could be.

You’re lost if your resources do not align with your plan. Whether it is a lack of financial resources or an abundance of human resources, they must be aligned with the plan to ensure success.

I’m excited to share much more on these subjects with the aim of helping others find their way forward, personally and organizationally. As you dive into your own personal clarity journey, check out the book, “The Advantage” by Patrick Lencioni. It’s an incredible look at how creating clarity gives you the upper hand in any organization. I’ve also written on how clarity and staff morale are interconnected.

When we’re able to connect the depth of who we are as a person with the activities and actions of our work, we reach a sweet place of alignment. That’s my hope for us all.


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