In The End, What Matters Most?

August 9, 2014

Everyone in their life has guiding principles that shape how they live. Sometimes they’re all neat and tidily written down somewhere and sometimes the only place they live is deep down in your gut. Throughout the course of life, amazing opportunities arise and profound challenges lurk. Regardless, it’s these principles that guide your thoughts and actions. Here are some of mine, in case you’re interested.

You’re Not Me And I’m Not You – It’s first on the list for a reason. I don’t expect you to adopt my principles as your own. We’re different people and that’s the beauty of humanity. Each of us unique. I’m not always right and, well, neither are you. Lets keep that in mind as we live out this short life we have. Empathy goes a long way.

Choose Your Battles – There is a lot to argue about in life, a million things you could spend your time fighting for and bantering about. Endless blogs on both sides of an issue and Facebook comments that never end. At the end of the day the battles I want to fight are for forgiveness, family and friendships.
Don’t Burn Bridges – There are few things in life worth burning a bridge over and it probably centers around the battles you choose. When I move on from something it is always my goal to keep the bridge in tact. You never know when it might be a lifeline to someone or even your own lifeline back. Relationships should outlast your vocation.
You Can’t Control How Others Respond – It’s easy to live in fear of what other people are going to think about you and decisions you make. However, when we’re so worried about making everyone else happy, we avoid the hard but necessary decisions. Be true to who you are and what you need to do.

Give Grace More Than You Criticize – The concept of grace is that we lead with understanding and forgiveness regardless of someone else’s behavior or merit. It’s how we want others to treat us, why don’t we take the lead as often as we should?I hope to get better and better at this in my life as I grow older. Grace is a powerful addition to every situation.

Friends, your life is more about who you bless than it is being right or getting your way all the time. It’s easy to speculate and infer motives from afar but in the end that rarely takes us anywhere good. Rather, lets be people that empathize with others, choose our battles wisely, don’t burn bridges, live in freedom and give lots of grace.


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