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To the point: encouraging and actionable. That’s what I’m after with my writing, and I’m hopeful that my next e-book will be just that. 

On February 12, I’m releasing Authority: The Leader’s Call to Serve. I’m really excited about this book because I believe it deals with some leadership subjects I haven’t seen many other places.

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This post was adapted from my book Authority: The Leader’s Call to Serve.

Leadership doesn’t exist without service. Understanding how to lead through service is imperative for your family, team, or organization. If you’re a leader (of anything) or an aspiring leader, the path to maturing as a leader is service. It is counter-intuitive to our romanticized view of leadership, but it’s the truth. A leader may be in charge of something on paper, but that doesn’t mean their leadership is fruitful.

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Authority is God’s Design

January 17, 2013

This post was adapted from my book Authority: The Leader’s Call to Serve. Scheduled to release mid-February. 

Like it or not, authority is God’s design, modeled after his own nature.

We love authority if we’re the ones that have it, but despise authority when we’re under it. Ever since the Garden of Eden, humanity has been on a hell-bent quest to eschew all authority—God-given or not (Genesis 3:1-6).

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Money, Authority, and Change

January 10, 2013

The titles of the three e-books I’m working on. Money is already out and the other two will release in the next few months. Update: in 2014 I published the revised and expanded edition of Money: God or Gift.

When I transitioned from my previous professional role, that I held for over 12 years, I set out to write a longer, more traditional book on leadership. Then I thought: why am I writing a longer book? I hate reading long books, and many of the books on my bookshelf are only marked-up and highlighted through Chapter 4.

I decided to apply this realization to my writing; why not write the way I like to read? Who cares if no one else reads it, at least I will. For those who know me well, I’m not interested in a lot of fluff. In fact, writing can be lot of work for me, but it’s a discipline that forces me to think through my thoughts and convictions.

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