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Is a great product able to survive poor customer service? Can great customer service redeem a poor product?

You need both to survive and build a healthy long term company. Check out this chart, the next installment in my Maintaining the Balance series.

Product Quality vs. Customer Service


Any company that has poor customer service and a low-quality product is soon to fail. No ifs, ands, or buts.

If your company has a poor product and great customer service however, your customers will become sympathetic. They will feel bad for you. They will not recommend you to their friends…if only out of pity. Your organization will most likely never achieve significant traction.

But if you have an amazing product and terrible customer service, you will have a high customer turnover rate. They will come, but they will leave once they have come in contact with rude or unresponsive service.

A successful company has excellent customer service to complement a great product. Your buyers will appreciate the lengths you go to in offering a comprehensively thoughtful experience.

Is your organization lacking a great product or great customer service? Or, if everything is peachy-keen, how did you get there?


This post is part of the Maintaining the Balance series. See my previous post on Clarity and Morale.

Speed and Stability are both necessary, whether you are completing a project, building a leadership team, managing organizational momentum, or participating in an athletic competition.

Some of us are motivated by passion to prioritize speed over stability. Others are hesitant to move too fast, perhaps out of fear, and err on the side of being too cautious.

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